It’s been far too long since I posted anything, so here’s a little recap of the last few months, starting with April.

Street warnings


Sunset over Pont des Arts

Mum conducting at the Royal Albert Hall (28th March).


Handbag swinging  on a sunny day (taken by Pierre)
















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21ème Arrondissement

Just two hours drive away from la capitale are Deauville, Trouville and Honfleur, three coastal towns known as Paris’ 21ème arrondissement. Mainly cos it’s super chic and full of posh Parisians. Was nice to escape the city, get some fresh air, and walk along the beach though. Other highlights included trying my first oyster (won’t be doing that again, basically a massive salty bogey, no amount of lemon juice could disguise it) and hitting the casino (got turned away for wearing wellies,  so snuck in through the backdoor, only to waste 10€ trying to figure out how to make a slot machine fun – you can’t, total waste of time/money:  we won a total of 70 centimes, score). Other than that though, beautiful scenery and definitely worth a visit.

Harbour, Honfleur

Fishing nets


Old pharmacy, sea sickness remedies.

Posh architecture, Deauville.

Promenade des Planches, Deauville

Horse racing

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Lumière 3

It rained all day and then at about 17h00 the skies cleared and a golden light fell on Paris:


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Panoramic (ish) view of la Place de Panthéon. Behind the buildings to the left is the Sorbonne… then the Panthéon, then the Mairie, then on the right the Department of Law at Paris 1.

AUX GRANDS HOMMES LA PATRIE RECONNAISSANTE. (To the great men, the grateful homeland). Famous Frenchies buried here include: Voltaire, Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Emilie Zola, Jean Moulin, Marie Curie. 

Also managed to sneak into Law department because my friend used to go there, and so he gave me a private tour…


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Secret Garden

Walking down busy streets in north-eastern Paris, a few shots of what lies behind closed doors:

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Les Puces

Spent Sunday afternoon looking round Les Puces, the Flea Markets at Porte de Clignancourt, in the very north of Paris. At first you’re met with stall upon stall of Camden-style fake leather jackets, imitation Nike trainers, Converse and “I love Paris” t-shirts. Street sellers carrying gold plastic Eiffel Tower key chains shout ‘Miss, miss, hello, miss’ before you can even open your mouth to speak French and heavy-on-the-bass RnB booms out from stereos behind every stall. Walk through all this however, and suddenly you step into a completely different world.  Stepping across the threshold of an old peeling white-painted iron door into a silent cobbled alleyway, it’s like stepping back in time, or into a parallel universe.  The windy little streets and stalls have a rustic, almost provençal feel to them. Amazing antiques, random tit bits and scary dolls (see below), real vintage fur coats, chandeliers, ancient wooden furniture, old paintings – it’s an art lover/ collector’s paradise. Apparently its very popular with rich American tourists who are quite happy to spend 6 000 € on an authentic old oak carved bedside table, or are hoping to find an 18th century crystal-encrusted antique chandelier for the entrance hall of their Californian mansion.  Funnily enough, I was just browsing…

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Long time no post

Sorry for the lack of update, but I’ve had a busy few weeks.

Have started my History of Art classes, which include 2 visits a week to the Louvre, really enjoying them, learning loads and it’s great preparation for my MA next year. It’s a new set of people too, and so I’ve made some more friends 🙂

Am still really busy with choir, we’re doing an opera in March and so rehearsals are already well under way for that. I’m also involved in the mise-en-scène so am going to extra rehearsals every week. There are 20 or so of us doing it, and basically means that we’ll be out at the front of the stage, in various costumes, acting out the the scenes, rather than just being part of the choir, at the back.

Have also sort of joined a band… some guys from the choir mentioned they wanted to start something  and asked me to come along. So last Saturday we had our first rehearsal, in this tiny little underground studio in Montmartre, kitted out with mics and amps and a piano. So cool. When everyone is together I think we’ll be 8 in total – piano, 2 guitars, bass, drums, sax, flute and viola. Turns out that I’m singing, was such a laugh – we were a bit shit but not bad for a first go – looking forward to the next one!

Anyway, here are a few photos that I’ve taken over the last couple of weeks:


Band practice 15/01


Musée d’Art Modern, Basquiat exposition  18/01


La grande roue, vu des Tuileries 19/01

Jardin de Tuileries, nuit 19/01

Statue de Louis XIV, Louvre 19/01

Tina, Pyramides 19/01

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